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Buy the right awning for your roof tent

Awnings can be a really good addition to your roof tent, precisely to extend and improve your experience even when the weather gets worse. But when it comes to awnings, you should also have the correct length between the roof tent and the car. That is, if you buy a 170cm awning from us, you should have between 160 and 180cm from the ground up to the bottom edge of the roof tent, this precisely to get it as stretched as possible.

There are a few different ways to get up to 170cm if it is the case that you may have a lower car. Our danger is always that you use things in nature to reduce carrying so much, for example you can use stones or firewood to drive up on, this makes the car come up a little and so does the roof tent. In this way, even you who have a car that is a little lower can use an awning.

We have awnings in two different lengths. 170cm which fits the vast majority of SUVs on the market that have around 170cm to the tent. But we also have 200cm long ones for slightly taller cars, such as Jeeps, Landrovers or vans.

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