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Pack up your tent guide

In this guide, we wanted to tell you the best way to pack your roof tent.

If you are going to store things in the tent when you have packed it up, we recommend that you pack a blanket, pillow, blanket, etc. On the bottom plate that sits on the car, you spread out your packing as well as possible so that it is evenly distributed. In this way, when you then fold your tent, all the packing ends up where you planned it. In our soft-shell roof tents, you can usually bring two blankets and two pillows in a folded tent, this then applies to thin summer blankets and pillows. If you want to increase the thickness/thickness of the duvet and pillow, you can fit with less. 

When you then fold the tent, we recommend that you use the four pieces of elastic cords that come with you when you buy the tent, this helps to pull the walls/canvas into the tent when you fold it. That way, you don't have to walk around as much and push in the canvas that would otherwise have gone out to the sides. 

Please watch the video below!

Good luck!