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InfiRay Rico RH50


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The Rico series is available in two models with different sizes of the front lens, which in terms of thermal visibility affects the maximum detection distance and also to some extent the richness of the image, the most powerful being the RL50. If desired, it is possible to purchase a rangefinder that is connected directly to the sight. The picture shows the sight with the rangefinder mounted on the left side. Distance meters are not included in the price but are purchased separately.

Rico has WIFI that can be connected to an app on the phone so you can make changes/settings directly via it in the sight and also record video and take photos. These can then be downloaded to the phone or, alternatively, the sight can be connected to a computer and uploaded there. The sight's built-in internal memory is a full 32 GB and covers all storage needs.

The Infiray Rico sight has a high-performance VOx sensor, which gives a very detailed and clear image. The screen is AMOLED HD micro, which ensures that the sight's performance is reproduced with the best sharpness and clarity!

The sight's ultraclear technology is specially designed to maximize image quality and performance even in demanding weather such as rain, fog and snowfall! The feature highlights and refines the image displayed in the viewfinder.

Rico is the scope that is made to be easy to use and control through just three buttons placed ergonomically on the top. These consist of; menu button and two control buttons to move between different menu options.

Picture in Picture, PIP, gives you an extra smaller frame with higher magnification directly in front of the crosshair in the sight, perfect for seeing details and shooting at longer distances without having to leave a low basic magnification and get a narrower field of view.

Rico's detachable laser rangefinder effectively measures distances out to approx. 1000 meters with an error margin of +/-1 meter.
Range finders have two operating modes.

  • Measure the distance 1x when pressing the button.
  • Scan Mode measures continuously for a number of seconds, making it easier to see that the distance you get to the target is correct. Good for longer distances and measurements where there are nearby objects up to the target that can cause you to get the wrong distance.

The sensitive and high-performance sensor NETD 50 mK in combination with high-quality lenses gives the Rico exceptionally good detection distance, up to about 2600 meters for objects 1.8 high. So a human being.

Rico has no built-in battery that can break, but is powered by an easily replaceable battery.
The battery is a cold-resistant Lithium 3.7V, 3820 mAh and can operate for up to six hours. The scope is supplied with two batteries, so you can handle the toughest hunting sessions. Changing the battery takes about 30 seconds.

The sight is supplied with a mount for quick mounting on your weapon's picatinny rail.

Detector resolution 640×512
Pixel Size 12
NETD, mK 50
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Eye distance: 50mm
Exit Pupil Diameter, 6mm
Magnification: 2.8~11.2
Objective lens: F50 / 1.1
Screen resolution: 1024×768 AMOLED
Screen size: 0.39″
Range finder: Accessories
Battery: 3.7 V / 3820 mAh
Operating time: maximum 6 hours
Protection class: IP67
Built-in memory: YES, 32GB
Weight: 840 grams
Size: 250×61×58mm
Detection Range (detection distance), (Target size): 1.7 m×0.5 m, P(n) = 99%) 2594m



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