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SILKY Pocketboy Medium (170mm)


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Foldable SILKY Pocketboy Medium is a popular outdoor and garden saw perfect for all types of general pruning activities. The saw takes up little space in your pocket or backpack and you can always have it on hand.

Pocketboy is a flexible saw that can handle both small and large branches. The compact and lightweight design allows you to easily work in densely grown spaces. When not in use, you can easily fold the blade into the handle to store it safely.

With a rubber-coated and grip-friendly handle, it absorbs vibrations and offers a grip that feels comfortable in the hand even after prolonged use. With the help of the locking mechanism, you can securely lock the blade in two different positions and choose the angle and working position that you prefer.

Weight 220 g

Blade length 170 mm (folded 205 mm, folded out 370 mm)


10/30 mm




Silky saws are manufactured in Japan by UM: KOGYO INC., A company that specializes in saw manufacturing since 1919. Unique technology and design have resulted in many models of Silky saws with very sharp inserts for efficient sawing. 

The silk saws saw in the pull position, when you pull the saw towards you. Sawing in the pull position requires less energy and gives you more control over the sawing.

The saw blades for all Silky saws are made of authentic Japanese steel and are cut out with a laser. Since the blade does not have to withstand pressure (ie on the shoot), they can be made very thin, which in combination with the special toothing makes the cut in the wood extremely fine. The blades are very hard but remain flexible thanks to the soft core of the metal. The high carbon content leads to high wear resistance, so that the sharpness remains for a very long time.



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