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Tupike Stove


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Tupike with its two burners can handle advanced cooking, but is still light and compact enough to easily carry with it. With a stainless steel frame, ribs and brass details, Tupike ages with pride. The Ekribborna gives the lid a strong and robust feeling and protects the kitchen from wear and tear. Folded up, the lid also protects against the wind together with the extra windbreaks on the sides.

Tupike is delivered with a custom grill and frying plate with non-stick surface for practical use and cleaning. The grill and frying plate is made of molded aluminum which provides efficient heat distribution. The grille and drip tray can be removed and cleaned separately. The strong materials and its robust design guarantee years of reliable use.

Tupike kit comes with a carrying case for storing kitchens and accessories. The carrying case is made of high-quality polycotton and has separate pockets for accessories, gas, food and more. The kitchen is operated by the smaller and lighter container normally used for kitchens for lighter packing or, for more stationary use, the larger Primus containers. Gas not included.

- Effect: 3000 W.
Estimated capacity: 1-10 people
Lighters: Piezo
- Cooking time for 1 liter: 4,2 min
- Dimensions: 475 x 295 x 82 mm

5700 gram



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