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Njut av lite mer tid. Köp nu, betala sen med Klarna.

Njut av lite mer tid.
Köp nu, betala sen med Klarna.

Thule 873 Hydroglide

Thule 873 Hydroglide

The Thule 873 Hydroglide is a set of four self adjusting supports with the two rear felt lined pads allowing your kayak to slide into the carrier. The front two pads are flexible rubber pads that fit the hull snugly and keep the kayak firmly in place. This carrier transports your kayak with the hull facing downwards.


The brackets are compatible with Thule Standard Bars and the T Track bars (Wing, Aero and Slide Bars). All fittings required to attach to the bars are supplied.


Also included is a pair of 4m Thule roof rack straps with protective rubber sleeves to go over the metal buckles to avoid damage to your kayak.


These are recommended for transporting large open cockpit kayaks such as touring and sea kayaks.

1,799.00 SEK

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