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Footwell vatten tank

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This cleverly designed 40l (10.6gal) tank is extremely strong and is shaped to sit on the vehicle's floor behind the front seats.
  • Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.
  • The cutout spans the transmission tunnel and the top section can be used as a nonslip floor or stacking supplies/luggage on top of.
  • This design allows for fitment into most vehicles.* Please check specs to confirm correct fitment before purchase.
  • If children are to be seated in the rear, the tank can be strapped to the front seat mounts using normal ratchet tie down straps.
  • The tank has plastic pipe fittings on each side for connection of a hose and tap. (Hose kits and taps are not included)
  • The Water Tank Hose Kit are sold seperately.
  • This product will not fit in the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Lexus GX 470 or 3dr Jeep Wranglers.

Material used:
Tank: BPA-free polyethylene
Fittings: Plastic
40l (10.6gal)
Product Dimensions:
W 1200mm (47.2") x H 180mm (7.1") x L 250mm (9.8")
W 210mm (8.3") - W 300mm (11.8") x H 110mm (4.3")
4.98kg (11lbs)


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